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Wood.  A beautiful natural resource in an almost infinite variety of colors and textures.  For over 50 years I have been a hobbyist woodworker making everything from basement shelves to a wonderful custom desk that I use every day.  I have always enjoyed making something from nothing, and making it look nice as well.  By trade I'm an engineer in the high tech world (now retired) and a (still active) theatrical technical director. But I was running out of things to make with wood.  I had most major power tools except a lathe.  What could I make with a lathe?  I had a wood pen that I liked very much, and I realized I could open a small internet-based "store" and sell pens!  I could make many of them, using different styles and woods, and let my creative side reign.  And so I did. Will I ever get rich doing this?  Not when measured in money, but the satisfaction of turning out another new pen in another new wood is very rewarding.  It is a harmless obsession. I see new pen styles and I want to make one or two just to see how they come out.  I have forced myself to limit my pens to about 40 styles, but that limit keeps getting moved up!  Yes, I'd like to make a few bucks but the REAL pleasure is when a new owner oohs and aahs over the look and feel of a fine writing instrument that I created.  Their smile is my paycheck. I do make pens with acrylics, but I prefer wood.  I like the texture of the wood, which is why I use wax/shellac polishes instead of cyanoacrylate (plastic) finishes.   I want my pen to warm in the hand as only natural wood can do.  I want that textural feel of wood.  But, there is a lot that can be done with casting in plastic, which I now do and have created some stunning designs available only from my store. My clients are discerning individuals that appreciate art and function. If you like fine things, enjoy holding a nice pen, or just having a beautiful desk ornament (yes, people collect pens just for the visual appeal) I am here to help you. A fine pen is jewelry for your words....... Steve Margison, November 2017
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