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Customer Comments
We love to hear from our customers.  The comments we get are priceless and we are delighted to blush…….
From Paul: I always enjoy when a pen-turner I trust - and Steve is one of the best - also creates innovative designs. [His store is] the first place I look when I'm looking for something new.
From Lisa: My son is on his way to law school, and I needed a gift to celebrate the occasion. This pen is perfect! So pretty, and wonderful craftmanship. I am truly impressed. Great communication with the shop owner. I will definitely be back the next time I need a quality gift!
From Sara: First, the pen is absolutely beautiful, lovely hand work. Second, the artist is honest and loves his craft. I bought this particular pen for my father on father's day [and] I have a wonderful review from my father who uses this more than he thought, both the quality of pen, style, weight, and overall he just loves it! Steven Margison is straightforward, talented and very easy and pleasant to work with. Steven sent a beautiful gift well done to my father.  I highly recommend you to his art, and make sure to visit his website for more ideas or custom orders, well worth it!
From a craft show customer: Great talking with Steve! Love the story behind the beautiful pens you crafted. Especially the George Washington sunken logs one and of course, the Shawshank Redemption wood pen. Love the pens and they feel and write as beautiful as they look.
Aw, shucks!  Y’all are too kind….. but I do like the applause!