New Products
We are delighted to introduce our new in-house casting capability.  Here is one of the first offerings, our “Red Nebula”.  It is a 3D iridescent body that shines like a laser.  We now have pens in Green, Violet, and a stunning Copper Nebula.
This Month’s Featured Pens
This pen features the Christian fish in Bethlehem Olivewood inlaid on a black wood background.  This is a laser cut inlay pattern.
Here is another of our new in-house castings, the “Blue Galaxy” mounted in a two-tone copper click pen.
A beautiful color drawing of a dragonfly adorns this Vertex Rollerball pen.  This body is cast in our own shop.  We can now do custom photo or artwork images on many of our pen frames.  Please inquire!
“Green Nebula” in a two- tone copper click pen
The BOLTER style pen in our new “Copper Nebula” body.
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